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Problem Solving Through Effective Leadership

This program is designed to enhance your leadership abilities. The elements of this training are self improvement, understanding others, and powerful communication skills. In this training you will learn to create team bonding, empower individuals to be effective team leaders, and understand how to highlight the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses of every member. The outcome of this training is sure to improve the craft and you will notice improvements in your work and family life as well.

Leverage proven techniques used by successful corporations, augmented by our Masonic teachings and heritage, to effectively lead volunteers.

Established both in Masonry and Professionally, our Facilitators intentionally leverage the shared experience in training brought by all participants to provide alternative perspectives and examples relevant to the topics within each course.

Every organization benefits when they have great leaders. You have the opportunity to effectuate positive change in our gentle fraternity. Learn these skills, Use them. Teach others.

Over a decade of effort creating and refining an effective system.

Courses built upon the best executive training in leadership content and practices.

Resources, tools, and instruction that can be immediately put to use.

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Individual Leadership

Learn to self-assess your leadership abilities to know where to focus your skill development. Then learn how a leader impacts and is seen by the individual. Lastly, learn the skills of understanding the individual and creating a real bond where leadership can flourish.
100 Level

Group Dynamics

Take what you learned in Individual Leadership and apply those skills to the group. Learn how to assess the characteristics of your members and combine those personalities into teams that execute efficiently and effectively.
200 Level

Influential Communication

Become a conscious creator of your experience, responsible for your results. Learn how the human mind processes language, where misunderstanding comes from, and how to avoid it. When you are a powerful communicator, you can better share the vision of your organization and accomplish the mission.
400 Level

Frequently Asked Questions

The York Rite Leadership organization is a Center of Excellence that delivers executive-class leadership training and coaching to all York Rite leaders wherever dispersed. The current York Rite Leadership Training Program consists of three well-developed classes that are designed to give you the skills to be a better leader of yourself and others.

Any member of the Masonic family may participate. We do ask that the youth be mature. For guidance, a young gentleman or lady who is between 14 and 18 and has a mature outlook may be admitted. Admission is always at the discretion of the instructor.

The program consists of three (3) classes, which are titled 101, 201, and 401. Classes 101 and 201 are offered both online and in person. Class 401 is only offered in person. The classes are held at the Grand Encampment Department Conferences.

You will receive a certificate noting your completion of the program.

There is no cost for the class itself. If you are attending an in-person (ILT) class at a conference, there may be a fee required for the conference.

The first step is to apply for admission. After you have been approved for admission, you will begin to receive notifications of classes as registration opens.

Step 1.) Create an account on this website.

Step 2.) Register for the appropriate course, which is class 101 if you have not taken any classes before.

Step 3.) If you plan on taking the course in person, register for the Grand Encampment Department Conference where the course you signed up for is being held.

Step 4.) Email Program Executive Lane Pierce stating what you registered for.

The link to attend online training is sent the day before the training, after enrollments have closed.

What Alumni Think

JamisonFrom Wisconsin, USA
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A very detailed presentation. I took 7 pages of detailed notes provided by the presenters and because of the virtual environment I was able to screen shot and keep some of the graphs and examples for my notes... I will be able to use these new thought processes and ideas to help be a better leader...
GlenFrom Oklahoma, USA
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I truly appreciate your presentation of the material provided. I think it is well laid out and makes good transitions from subject to subject. Facilitation was very strong and all the Presenters had a high level of understanding of the material which produced very good comprehension of those materials within the attendees.
JakeFrom Virginia, USA
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Excellent program with some very valuable insight.
DennisFrom North East, USA
Read More
I attended last year as well as this year. I love the sessions and how the information was presented. Presenters are very good and the content was excellent.. I am looking forward to the 401 session.

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Lane Pierce

Program Executive & Faculty

Charles O'Neill


Harry W. Jenkins II


Adam L. Hathaway


Stephen A. Balke


Kevin Wheeler


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